The Heart of Summer

Well… summer is now in full swing.  It’s been a beautiful and incredibly bountiful early summer with plenty of rain and sunshine and near perfect weather here in WV.  With a recent pattern of summer thundershowers our fields are a brilliant green and our once tiny sunflower seedlings have grown into healthy hearty plants.  We are now selling dozens of gorgeous sunflowers from our booth at the Blacksburg Farmers Market, and our new beehives are thriving under our diligent care.  We have 5 beehives now on “honey hill” here on Birdsong Farm.  We see their sweet little workers happily humming through our sunflower field and our wildflower fields bordering the forest.  We’re thrilled at how healthy and vibrant our hives are, and how quickly our bees are producing honey food stores.

Our new handcrafted cold-processed line of soap has been incredibly well received at the Blacksburg Farmer’s Market as well!!  How cool!  There are some soaps that have been really big hits… our Birdsong Baby Soap has been making Mom’s happy… the ones looking for a healthy natural alternative to products containing synthetics and chemical ingredients.  Mom’s have been letting us know that this soap has wonderful ability to cure dry and chafed skin.  This is a completely natural all vegetable soap with no added fragrance. 

The other breakaway hit has been our “Don’t Bug Me!” products!  Our “Don’t Bug Me!” natural insect repellent mist has had incredible feedback from customers.  Made from distilled water and a concoction of insect repelling essential oils, this is a healthy DEET free alternative!  And it really works!!  Hear what one customer from the mosquito infested mountains of Jackson Hole WY had to say after using our Don’t Bug Me! spray as well as the full body Don’t Bug Me! bath bar that contains the same essential oils:

“I used the soap, then at one car-pooling stop I sprayed. Then at the trailhead I applied sunscreen, wondering if I might be overriding some of the repellent’s effect by covering it with sunscreen. That might be so. After I saw a couple of mosquitoes land on me, I re-sprayed, and I didn’t notice much of a problem after that. So — I’ve deduced that the sunscreen should go on first, then the spray. I’ll try to pay attention as I test this some more, but my first experience is good, and I do like the scent much better than the commercials (Deets) that I’ve used.”  DC- Jackson, WY.

I’ve included his notes about the sunscreen because others may run into this effect also…

Many local and national customers have had great success with our Don’t Bug Me! Flea and Tick products for Dogs too.  Unlike the unhealthy spot on treatments that have been known to cause sickness in some dogs, our Don’t Bug Me! Flea and Tick soap and spray are made from all natural essential oils and vegetable oils.  They have been well tested on our labs, Hailey and Daisy, who run through fields of tall grass, swim hike and romp through some very heavily tick infested areas.  For the last several summers we’ve had major problems with ticks, hence the development of these products.  We were starting to think this was just a low tick year until we talked to some neighbors and found out just the opposite.  Our labs have not had a single tick and are not bothered at all by other biting insects… Very Exciting!  And of course the obvious plus is that we don’t worry about the toxic effects of flea and tick spot treatments.  We simply bathe them about once  a month with the dog soap then spray for hikes and other forrays with the Don’t Bug Me! flea and tick spray.

Here is a link to our website where you can check out the Don’t Bug Me! and other products.

Hope you all are having an incredible summer… enjoy the peace of getting out in nature as often as you can!

Til next time-  Patti

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